Saturday, December 29, 2007

"I'm OK!"

That's what Lily always says when she falls down, whether it's off her bike or while walking down the street. We'll see her go down and then hear, "I'm OK!" It cracks us up.

Here's Lily after deliberately falling off her bike into the grass. It's what Lily does instead of using her brakes. Campbell was making sure she was ok.

And here she is cruising down the street, with the biggest smile. She's so proud that she learned to ride her bike.


Family Adventure said...

Look at Campbell making sure she's OK! Too sweet...and funny :)


Suburban Correspondent said...

Isn't it great? My first 3 kids learned slowly and cautiously, but my fourth got the hang of pedaling and balancing right away - that is, way before he got the hang of stopping. It was so much fun to watch (once I stopped wincing).