Monday, August 13, 2007

Yay Lily!

A few months ago I wrote about frustration with Lily's lack of enthusiasm for the water during her swim lessons, and last week I wrote about Lily's progrss at the lake. Well, yesterday was another great day for Lily.

She wanted me to get in the water and swim with her and a noodle. I convinced her to come down the ladder without my help and got her to hold onto the noodle instead of my neck. After a few minutes of floating like that, I slowly edged away from her until I was just holding the very end of the noodle. Then I let go. She bobbed around for a minute before she noticed I wasn't holding on. Before she could get upset, I told her how great it was that she was FLOATING BY HERSELF!!!! That was all it took.

By the end of the day she was climbing into the lake with her noodle without any help and without a grownup with her. We had to keep an extra-close eye because she kept getting in without telling us what she was doing.

I think next time we go she'll be ready to just swim with her life jacket on. I'm so thrilled at the progress she's made over the past few months. It was more than I hoped for.

Lily also had another exciting first this weekend. On Saturday she figured out how to climb up into the front tree and get back down again without any help. Now she can get in the tree just like Ella, even if she can't climb as high.

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