Friday, August 17, 2007

Playdates galore

I seem to have become the queen of playdates this week. On Tuesday I had 9 kids here, all of whom but the babies worked on perler beads. Today I hosted A and O while their mom ran errands. It was one of the few playdates we've had with one of Lily's friends. Usually we have Ella's friends here and Lily just has to tag along.

It was a bit tough for a while this morning. A wanted to play with Ella, the big girl, but Lily didn't want to do more perler beads with them. I finally asked Walter's mom if Ella could go over there to play. Once Ella left, Lily was much happier - she had her friend all to herself to play dress up and babies with. O and Campbell and I did puzzles, which was fun. Campbell destroyed the puzzles as fast as O and I put them together.

This afternoon Walter is here while his mom is at the store. He and Lily are watching Winnie the Pooh while Ella does perler beads, again.

I really like that our house is a popular play place for my kids and their friends. I hope that I'm something of the "fun mom" to visit. Despite the noise and mess, I like the commotion of lots of kids hanging out and playing. It makes me feel like I'm doing my job of "mom" right.

Now I'm going to go make popcorn and lemonade for the kids' movie-time snack.

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