Thursday, August 09, 2007

The knitting project, part I

My mom has become a "knitter." She goes to knitting group on Thursday and on field trips to fancy button stores with fellow knitters. We have reaped the benefit of her obsession/hobby in tons of sweaters for the kids. She loved seeing the socks she knit for me posted, so I thought I'd show some of the other things she's done, a few at a time. I think blogger would get upset if I posted them all at once. Plus, some are in storage in Campbell's room, and he's asleep for the night and I can't get to them. She knit the first of these stockings for me when I was little, and she's made dozens since then - for my sister, for our cousins, for Brandon, for all the grandkids. One aunt had so many kids that mom couldn't keep up and just sent her the pattern after she finished the stocking for baby 5.This was Lily's first sweater; she wore it home from the hospital with a little hat I made to match. I'm not taking a picture of the hat because it looks so amateur compared to mom's work.
For a long time this was Ella's favorite sweater because of the polka-dots on the buttons. She was really upset when she grew out of it and Lily was able to start wearing it. The newest version is in Campbell's room, so I'll have to add a picture of that one later.
I'm afraid Ella loved this sweater to death. It's showing the wear and tear. If you go to the large version of the picture and squint at the lower left corner, you can see that mom knit EG into the pattern of the sweater. Ella absolutely loved that it had her initials, especially once Lily was born. Ella knew that she'd never have to share the sweater with Lily because she didn't have the right intials.
Enough for now. Mom, I'll keep posting a few at a time, and you can show your knitting friends.

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Barb Matijevich said...

I'm so in awe of your mother and her knitting. I am really afraid to try a sweater--I can barely commit to lunch! But maybe a KID'S sweater would be a good thing... Anyway, what a good daughter you are. I might have to knit you some socks...