Friday, August 31, 2007

More grey hair

At the rate Campbell is going, I'm going to be completely grey by the time he's two. He's given me more than his fair share of grey this week.

On Wednesday he was cruising around the living room, toddling and holding on to the furniture. To my amazement he let go of the side table and took THREE steps towards the coffee table. Then, in slow motion as I was reaching for him, he fell right into the corner of the coffee table. It was one of those incidents where you know what is going to happen, but you can't stop it in time. From where I was, it looked like the corner had gone into his eye. Fortunately, it was just his forehead. But he cried and I cried and the girls freaked out. Now he has a knot on his forehead above his right eye. I'm just so glad his eye is fine.

About an hour after that, he was walking behind his push toy when it rolled away from him a bit. He let go with one hand as the toy rolled away, so he spun around and landed flat on his back. Now he has a knot on the back of his head.

This morning I walked into the living room just in time to see him pick up my mug of coffee and try to take a sip. Anyone who has spent time around 1-year-olds knows that they take sips by opening their mouths in the general direction of the cup and hoping for the best. Campbell poured hot coffee into his mouth and down his whole front. Fortunately, it wasn't a fresh, scalding cup, but it wasn't cool either. I snatched him up and put him in the kitchen sink and just poured cold water into his mouth and all over his front while he screamed and I panicked.

As I was washing Campbell off, I sent the girls out to get in the car to take Ella to school, and Ella saw the neighbor and told her what had happened. While I was stripping Campbell's coffee-covered jammies off and examining him for burn blisters, Lisa poked her head in and said she'd take Ella to school with her son. I love my neighbors.

Campbell is fine. No burns anywhere, not even in his mouth. Phew.

About an hour after that, Campbell, Lily and I were in the front yard waiting for Heidi, who was taking Lily to school. When Heidi arrived, she and I chatted with Lisa for a minute while Lily climbed in the car. As we were talking, Campbell was pushing his stroller around the grass in the front yard. Yet again, I tured just in time to see him hit the border of the garden with the wheel of the stroller and take a slow tumble into the plants. He ended up flat on his back on top of some Mexican Heather. He stayed still for a moment, almost like he was thinking, "really? again?" I scooped him and just started crying. It was one accident too many for me.

In the midst of all the chaos this morning, I drank WAY too much coffee, and I'm still buzzing like a hummingbird, which doesn't help my nerves at all. If I weren't running a race tonight, I'd already have poured myself a glass of wine. But in the meantime, I'd love recommendations for a good colorist. I'm thinking I'd look good as a red-head.

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