Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm driving my mother nuts

Her birthday is in September, and I've gotten her this really cool present. And I keep telling her little things about it - not enough for her to actually guess what it is, though. I've said things like, "I finalized my order for your present," or "It arrived today and I loved it so much that I cried," or "Dad and Sarah have seen it and they love it." Today's clue was the meanest. I told her that Heidi was going with me tomorrow to finalize it so I could wrap it up. That has her stumped.

I know it's mean, but really I'm just so excited about the gift that I can't wait to give it to her. I may not even save it for our party next Sunday. We're having a joint early celebration for Campbell's first birthday and mom's somethingth birthday. It will be very low-key - family and neighbors at the Central Market playground for play time, cake and ice cream.

I wasn't even going to do a real party, but the girls have been talking of nothing else for the past week or so. And when I told Ella we were having an early party for Campbell, she asked if we could have another on his real birthday and invite some of his baby friends for cupcakes. As far as she and Lily are concerned, it's not a birthday unless there's a party and cake.

I understand their feelings, though. I remember my sister fell asleep during dinner on her first birthday, so mom decided to put her to bed and save her cupcake and candle for the next night. I was horrified that she wouldn't get a cupcake ON her actual birthday. Mom's assurances that Sarah wouldn't know the difference didn't help me at all. Fortunately I've grown a bit more mature about birthdays, but only a bit.

To make the girls happy, we will probably have cake again on Campbell's real birthday, but only because I love cake.

And I can't wait to give mom her gift so I can post what it was. That's how much I love it.

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