Thursday, August 23, 2007

The post that wasn't

Last night I sat in the living room at the beach house intending to blog about how stressful the drive here was, even though the kids were perfect, and how frustrated I was at having my third migraine in as many days. Then I read Barb's post about Jack Jenkins, a kind, intellidgent, caring young man who died too young, and decided I couldn't sit and whine about my day. I was able to tuck all three of my children into bed last night, unlike Jack's parents.

I think this hits home especially hard for me because one of B's younger brothers died in a horrible, senseless accident involving a gun when B was 14 and his brother was 12. His family is still dealing with the effects of J's death, more than 2o years later. I feel so sad for the Jenkins family and what they will be going through in the weeks, months and years ahead.

So last night I gave my kids extra hugs and snuggles and didn't get too upset when Campbell got up three times in the night.

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