Monday, May 03, 2010

Silliness with SHoes

Friday night I managed to escape the house and children for a few hours to have dinner with two of my best friends. Before dinner, however, one friend and I went shopping. After months of searching, I managed to find some jeans that fit and a cool new shirt.

Our next stop before dinner was Nordstrom Rack, which if you've never been there, is overwhelming to say the least. I have yet to actually buy anything there because I can't I can't find anything.

I did swing through the shoe section, hoping against hope that they'd have some of my favorite running shoes in stock. They didn't, but they did have these fabulous shoes "designed" by Jessica Simpson.

Given that I spend most of my life in running shoes, Keens, Dansko clogs, or Birkenstocks, trying to walk in four-inch platform heels was an adventure. My friend and I were laughing hysterically as I teetered drunkenly up and down the aisle, trying not to trip over this nice lady who was actually looking for shoes, not just playing. My friend said the shoes made my legs look great. Too bad I couldn't walk in them. Plus, they were kind of ugly.


Unknown said...

those are hooker shoes!

Keeffer said...

don't knock hooker shoes!

hookers and strippers are brilliant.

platforms actually make heels more comfortable to wear. i won't buy any heels without them. they bring the ball of your foot closer to where your heel now is, and given the design of the shoe, your arch is much more supported.

just make fun of that pair- those are ghastly.

Liz @ ewmcguire said...

What do you bet your 7yo could walk in those shoes better than you? :)

And I agree about the platforms...they turn a 4-inch heel into a manageable 3-inch heel!

Baino said...

Used to be a girl at our work that wore shoes like this every day. Different colours but the same style. She was already tall so in the end, made her look like a cross-dresser frankly! Nah . .comfies or a kitten heel for me these days!