Monday, May 17, 2010

Speed Climbing

Here's footage from one of Ella's two speed climbing routes. I'm pretty sure she placed in the top two for this event, too.

Speed climbing is a lot of fun to watch, especially the "big boys," as Ella calls them. They go up the wall so fast it looks like something from the movies.

At last summer's climbing nationals, it was announced that speed climbing is going to be part of the 2016 Olympics. Ella jumped up and down and cheered and then immediately asked, "Will I be old enough to go?" I love that she is so confident in her abilities that she is sure she will be good enough to go to the Olympics, provided she's old enough. I hope that confidence lasts.


Unknown said...

awesome! i love kids before they get jaded. My son made a list of all the tings he is good at this weekend. I hope that lasts too.

Ann in NJ said...

That's so wonderful. I do hope she keeps that spirit.

donna said...

Wow...she was like a little spider getting up that wall. She looks like a day when she makes the Olympic team the news media will want a copy of that video.

ckh said...

Where does that confidence go when we grow up?

I look forward to watching her in 2016! :)