Sunday, May 02, 2010

NYC Training Week 4

This was kind of an off week, mileage-wise. But the miles I ran were quality ones. I didn't get to run on Saturday because B and Ella were off in Houston for a climbing comp (she tied for first in her division, BTW).

  • Monday - 3 with Elizabeth in the jogger, which should count for extra miles
  • Wednesday - 4.2 in the neighborhood. It was the BEST run I've had in two years. The weather was perfect, and I felt great. I pushed the last quarter mile just to see how hard I could go.
  • Friday - 5 at the Trail with the running chicks. I ran the 4-mile loop and then tacked on another mile. It was miserably warm and humid, so I'm particularly proud of myself for running the extra mile. It was awfully tempting to just head to the car, where I had gatorade waiting for me.

Total of 12.2

I'm a bit worried about my left foot. The top of it is swollen and tender to the touch, but there's no bruise. I'm concerned that I may have a stress fracture starting. So it's probably good that I didn't get to run yesterday. I'll see how it feels when I run tomorrow and make plans from there.

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Donna said...

Love keeping up to date with how your training is going. I have a half marathon this weekend. My training has not been stellar so finishing is my only goal. Hope the foot has improved.