Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Not that kind of party

Last weekend, Campbell went to his first-ever party at Chuck-E-Hell. (If I have anything to do with it, that was also his last visit to the place.) He now thinks that Chuck-E-Hell is the best place in the world, which is kind of puzzling to me. He was terrified of the guy in the giant rat suit, he didn't understand how to play most of the video games, and he was lousy at skee-ball.

Yesterday was B's birthday. When I told Campbell that it was daddy's birthday, he asked if he could go to daddy's party. After I assured him that he could go to the party, he asked if it was at Chuck-E-Hell.

He was very disappointed that daddy's party was nothing more than cake and ice cream at home with us. When you're 3 1/2, it just isn't a party without terrible pizza, migraine-inducing music, and a teenager in a rat suit.


Shelly said...

Let's not forget the endless quest for tickets so that your child can pick up some extra crap before you leave. Crap that you never have enough tickets for, causing your overstimulated child to completely melt down! And the fact that they have a TWO beer maximum. I have never heard of such a thing! I need two beers just to make myself go in the place.

Holly said...

AND, I think their pizza is sub-par. And there's always a bully or two just waiting to prey on your child. Chuck-E-Hell is the perfect name for that place.

Unknown said...

I hate that place. its so freaky NOISY!!!

Liz @ ewmcguire said...

Chuck E it! (Love the name, that is. Hate the place.)