Sunday, May 30, 2010

NYC Training Week 8

Last week's word was Discouraged, and this week's was Barf. As in everyone in the house except for Ella barfed this week. There's been a stomach bug going around town, and we all caught it, myself included.

I chose not to run on Monday, because I'd run on Sunday and felt terrible, so I gave myself a day of rest.

Campbell started throwing up Monday afternoon, and he was just so pitiful. It's the sickest he's ever been.

I didn't run Tuesday because I'd been up and down with Campbell a lot in the night, and I have a rule about not getting up at the crack of dawn to run if I've been woken up more than twice in the night.

Wednesday I ran with Elizabeth in the jogger and had a great run. I went out at 8:00, and the humidity wasn't as bad as it had been the past week. I actually felt like I was running rather than just staggering along. I was even able to finish with a good kick, especially how miserable I'd felt the previous week.

Thursday I woke up feeling puny. I managed to get the big girls off to school before collapsing in bed, which is where I spent the entire day, when I wasn't curled up on the bathroom floor.

I didn't run Friday or Saturday because I still felt miserable, and I'm taking today off, too. I'm hoping to feel well enough tomorrow to get out there and run a few mile. I'm anxious to run again given that I did have one good run this week in between all the barfing.

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donna said...

Rest is definitely the best thing you can be doing right now. Feel better soon!