Sunday, May 16, 2010

NYC Training Week 6

This week my confidence in my ability to successfully train for a marathon through the long, hot summer took a real hit. The humidity has kicked in, and I just cannot breathe. My legs feel fine; I'm definitely strong enough to up my mileage on my "long" runs, but until I can actually breathe, there's no way I'm going to be able to run farther.

Despite my struggles with humidity, this week's mileage is the highest I've gone since I started training. Go figure.

  • Monday - 3, with Elizabeth in the jogger, which should count for double. I also ran at 9:30 am, which made it extra miserable.
  • Wednesday - 3.5, again, with Elizabeth in the jogger.
  • Friday - 5 at the Trail. If my friend S hadn't hung back with me, I would have walked the last 2 miles out of sheer frustration. I was gasping for air at times.
  • Sunday - 3, yet again, with Elizabeth. I don't usually run on Sundays, but I couldn't run on Saturday because of a thunderstorm and Ella's climbing comp. It was a nice morning, so I decided to log a few miles.

Total - 14.5

I know I'll adapt to the humidity. I've done it before. But it's going to be a miserable few weeks while I adjust.

On the plus side, I have housing for the marathon arranged. Two of my closest friends are going with me, and one of them loves planning trips and researching places to stay. So she gave herself the job of finding someplace on the Upper West Side that's affordable. She's booked us a cool apartment right near the finish line. I can't wait!

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Donna said...

I ran a half marathon yesterday and was REALLY surprised how much the heat affected my performance. I was a good half a min per mile slower than the pace I was running in the cooler months. But I think you are just have to give yourself time to adapt to it and then it will become easier.