Saturday, May 15, 2010

Climbing Ella

Ella had another climbing competition today, this time at her home gym. This comp was the regional qualifier, and climbers advance to divisionals in Boulder based on today's results. The format was different than the others she's gone to this spring. Instead of having four hours to climb as many routes as possible and pick the five highest scoring ones, the climbers attempt four routes, with four minutes allowed for each route. They're also not allowed to see the routes before their turn to climb.

I dropped Ella off at the gym at 7:30 so she could go into the "isolation" room with all the other climbers and headed back to the house, where B was rallying the rest of the kids. I took Lily to hang out with one of her best friends, who is also in the same Saturday ballet class, and I dropped Campbell at a neighbor's. Elizabeth came along with me and B. She had the best time at the gym, which has padded floors and lots of squishy crash pads to play on. It's like a giant gymboree, a giant FILTHY gymboree.

Ella climbed really, really well. She tied for first in one event, which meant that she and the other girl went on to a Super Final. The competitor who climbed highest won. Unfortunately, the other girl was able to touch one hold higher than Ella did before falling. Ella placed second by two 100s of a point. She was thrilled to have gotten to climb a fifth route and to have gotten second. Best of all, today's climb guarantees her a slot at Divisionals in Boulder next month.

Which is a good thing because I went against my superstitious nature and bought plane tickets on Thursday for the two of us. I was fairly convinced that by buying tickets before she had actually qualified for the competition I had tempted fate and something terrible would happen at the comp. But it didn't, and life is good.

Ella also competed in the speed climbing event, which is just what it sounds like. Climbers go head to head up the wall to see who can do it fastest. We don't know how Ella placed because we had to leave and collect children before the results were posted. But she easily placed in the top two. I'll post a video of her speed climb soon.

Now I'm counting down the days to our trip to Boulder. I've never been there, and I'm looking forward to a long weekend in the mountains.


Baino said...

She's a regular spider monkey. Aren't you terrified that she's going to be one of these extreme mountain climbers one of these days?

Unknown said...

what a cool sport. i now my son would like it, but I can't find lessons here that i can get him to.

Shelly said...

Boulder is laid back and funky and fun. You will enjoy it!

Joan said...

Congratulations! If you need a tour guide in Boulder, we can give you tips on all the best places! You will have so much fun here!

ckh said...

Nanu nanu. Say hello to Mork and Mindy for me, will you?

Congrats to your daughter. It's very cool!

Unknown said...

As always, CLIMB ON!!!!