Friday, June 13, 2008

You'd think I would know better

Subtitle: Good thing he's so dang cute

(Warning, this story contains references to poop)

Last night I decided to put Campbell in bed in one of his sister's big t-shirts and his diaper. It's been staying in the 80s long after sunset, and even though we do have air conditioning, the girls have been kicking off all their covers at night. I figured Campbell was probably too warm in his "summer weight" footie pjs. Besides, he just looked cute enough to eat running around in a t-shirt that came down to his ankles.

I was working in my office about an hour after I put Campbell in bed when I heard his usual pre-sleep chattering turn into crying, which is not normal for him. So I went in to check on what was wrong. As soon as I opened the door, the smell hit me, and I knew exactly what had happened. I turned on the light to confirm my fears - the little bugger had pooped and then stripped off his diaper. I guess I should be glad he didn't do it in the other order.

Fortunately, he hadn't decided to play in or paint with the poop, so the damage was minimal. I pulled him out of the crib, stripped off the nasty shirt, and got him cleaned up. Then I zipped him into his footie pjs, not caring if he was too warm. Campbell figured he'd been given a reprieve from bedtime and ran out of his room.

The girls, who had been threatened with cancellation of this afternoon's swim with their uncle if they got out of bed again, both hung over the ends of their beds and tried to lure Campbell into their room. They thought this was BIG fun.

Once I changed out Campbell's sheet, I tracked him down. I found him sitting in the dark kitchen, hoping I wouldn't see him. Instead, I popped him back in his crib with a fresh cup of water. He screamed bloody murder for a few minutes out of sheer temper. I think he thought he was up for the night. Fortunately, he fell asleep a few minutes later. The girls, however, spent a while longer giggling about the events.

I just felt stupid. He's my third child. I should have known something like that would happen. Perhaps I'll be smarter with the fourth.


FishyGirl said...

Oh, honey, there but for the grace of God, that's all I have to say.

Oh and also I will learn from this and tonight? Nemo will sleep in pjs, not a diaper and shirt like he did last night. Thank you for alerting me to the possibility - I NEVER would have thought of it.

Becca said...

I got lucky. My son never did once pull off a poopy diaper, thank god. And he potty trained early, at 2 1/2, so now I don't deal with poop at all. I guess I'll get extra teenage rebellion in exchange...

Becca said...

In response to your comment on my site: I am a staff editor but we take freelance work. You can pitch me an idea for an Alaskan trip and if we like it we'll take it on spec...start thinking!