Monday, June 16, 2008

Three hours

That's how long it took for Ella to complain this morning that she was bored. Granted, one hour was spent watching cartoons on PBS, and half an hour was spent having her hair trimmed on the front porch, so really, it only took her 90 minutes to get bored.

Last week was her first full week of summer break, and she spent every morning at rock climbing camp, so she didn't have much down time. Today, however, reality set in once Lily headed off to preschool, which runs through the summer - hallelujah! Campbell just isn't as entertaining to play with as her sister is.

After Ella told me she was bored for the fourth time, I sent her to her room. On her first day of summer break, shortly after she asked me, "Is this what you do all day?" I told her that every time she told me she was bored or asked me what she could do, I would tell her to clean her room. So now she phrases the question in different ways, like, "What can I do that's fun and that's not cleaning my room or sweeping the garage?"

This week is especially hard for her because her best buddies are all otherwise occupied. One is in Canada on vacation and the other is in art camp, which is like pouring salt in her wounds - she's upset I didn't sign her up for art camp, too.

I suppose I am going to have to break down and add one more camp in somewhere so that she and I can both survive the summer. She has two more weeks of rock climbing camp, but they aren't until July, which leaves three looonnnggg weeks of being bored with mom.

At least she might be gaining a new appreciation for what it is I do all day. Maybe.

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Barb said...

Maybe you should teach her to knit?

I used to tell my kids that intelligent people don't GET bored. I said those words, but I lied 'em.