Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Darn you, electric company

I've been doing laundry non-stop since Saturday night when we first discovered the lice on the girls. Each time that I've found new lice, I've had to start the laundry process all over again, taking freshly cleaned sheets and pillow cases back off the beds. I've also been putting all the comforters and pillows in the dryer on high for 40 minutes in hopes of killing the little suckers.

I've spent so much time doing lice-related laundry that I have fallen behind on regular laundry, and we're all running out of socks and underpants.

I was hoping that today would be the day to catch up. My housekeeper comes every other Tuesday, and today was her Tuesday. When she's here, she does all the towels and bed linens and then re-makes all the beds. Now that I think we have the lice situation under control (knock on wood), the beds can be re-made safely.

Today was my day to work at Lily's preschool, so I spent the whole morning looking forward to coming home to laundered sheets and freshly made beds. And the ability to get started on washing clothes.

No such luck.

The transformer on the power line across the street blew at some point this morning, and we lost power at the house for about 2 hours. This meant the housekeeper couldn't finish doing the laundry and she couldn't vacuum our bedroom, the only room in the house with carpet.

So instead of coming home to neatly made beds, I came home to a washer filled with half-washed sheets and a dryer full of damp towels.

Someone at City of Austin Energy owes me a few loads of laundry.


Becca said...

oh gawd, i know lice is in my future somewhere but i hope its a loong way off. eeewwww. poor you

Jenny said...

Been there, done that. Well, not with the whole power going off thing but the head lice thing is in our past and likely in our future as well given that kids tend to forget about not sharing hats etc.

Did figure out that the key seems to be in the nit comb that you use and the ones that generally come with the shampoo are basically useless. There are a few excellent ones out there that are a bit expensive but well worth it as you need to get rid of all of the eggs or you will just get a new batch hatching in a week or so.

Licemeister is oen comb that is good as is NitFree Terminator which we used and bought at www.kleen-free.com along with some chemical free lice products. i could not think about pouring chemicals all over my girls heads.

Good luck staying lice free over the summer.

Jenny (with my NitFree comb tucked neatly into my purse - no I am not kidding - it goes where I go!)