Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Picture Wednesday

Campbell is learning things from his sisters that I'm not sure I'm ready for him to learn just yet. Ella was at least two before she started doing headstands on the sofa. He's only 21 months. He can also do somersaults across my bed without a problem. Well, almost without a problem - the other day he somersaulted himself off the end of the bed and landed on the floor on his bottom. Fortunately, he was more scared than hurt.

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Claire said...

My brother did the same thing! We have a series of photos of him with his plasic little tykes slide upside down and he was going to jump off and every time he did the slide flipped and he got hurt. He never did learn and we have a series of 5 photos of him jumping and happy and smiling and the last is him crying pitifully because he got hurt! Hopefully Campbell learns quickly and not like my brother who never learned!