Friday, June 20, 2008

Dude, that was some good sh*t

Wednesday afternoon my head exploded with a migraine. As soon as B got home, I took my usual vicodin for the pain, which did exactly nothing. Then I started throwing up. Figuring I'd thrown up the vicodin I'd already taken, I took another. Again, no relief from the pain, which at that point was all the way up to 11.

I was up most of the night in misery, taking another vicodin at midnight, which just kept me awake. Campbell added insult to injury by waking up four times in the night.

The last time I was at the OB's office, the nurse practitioner said that if I got a migraine that didn't respond to the vicodin to give them a call about getting some fierosol (sp). I was hesitant to do so because I know it has caffeine in it, and I don't do well with meds that have caffeine - excedin migraine makes me throw up. But yesterday I was desperate. I called and talked to a nurse, who checked with the doc and then called in a prescription for me.

Fortunately, B was home, so as soon as I got home from the pharmacy, I was able to take the stuff. My sister had warned me that it would knock me out, and boy was she right. I took the pill at 2:00, and the next thing I knew it was almost 6:00. The pain was still really bad, but the sleep definitely helped me. I ate a slice of pizza, took another pill and went back to bed. Next thing I knew, it was 5:30 am and Campbell was crying for his morning milk.

My migraine is mostly gone, but I am more than a little wiped out. I could probably crawl back into bed and sleep for the rest of the day without having to take any more meds. Instead, I'm trying to put the house back together and planning a trip to the grocery store.

But I am comforted in the fact that I now have a pain pill that I can take even though I'm pregnant and that will knock me out, if nothing else.


Anonymous said...

I have to say that I envy you all that sleep, though I wouldn't want to pay the price of migraine to get it. I am a cardiac risk so I can't take ANY migraine meds - I am so glad you found something that helps. There are only a few people in this world that I would wish those on, and you aren't one of them :)

Becca said...

sometimes I wish I had something that would knock me out for a few hours! ;-)

the Drunken Housewife said...

I had terrible migraines when pregnant, too. (I sometimes get them non-pregnant, esp. when in bad jobs, but I had them more often when pregnant). Sucks. Im glad your doctors are taking it seriously and giving you some help.

t. Cooke said...

I was there! I came over to your house on Friday night. You were taking care of yourself, otherwise I would have said hi. Thank you for feeding me, as usual!