Monday, June 23, 2008


The girls, well mostly just Ella, have decided that it's time to teach Campbell about babies so that he'll be ready when New Baby arrives. Ella came out the other morning with Blue Borrowed Baby (twin sister to Pink Borrowed Baby and cousin to Psycho Baby) all wrapped up in a blanket. She got Campbell to sit down in the little rocker and handed him the doll. He actually held the doll carefully and gave her gentle, as gentle as he is likely to be, pats. We all praised him to the skies for being such a good big brother and for being so gentle. He put up with it all for about two minutes before dumping the doll on the floor and standing up in the rocker to jump off it.

The next day Ella was wheeling Blue Borrowed Baby around in the doll cradle and pretending to feed her a bottle. Campbell got interested and started playing along. But then he decided he'd rather drink the milk instead of giving it to the doll. He got a little frustrated when no milk actually came out and hurled the bottle across the room.

Bottom line? I don't think we'll be able to trust Campbell alone with his new sibling any time soon.

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Becca said...

What a cutie. There is a family legend about my parents waking up with a start one morning when I was an infant, realizing I wasn't crying and rushing in to see if I was alive. My sister (4) was in my crib feeding me day-old juice from a dirty doll bottle. That's the day mom stopped worrying about sterilizing my bottles!