Monday, January 08, 2007

That didn't help

I've been pretty blue about my lack of running lately. Before Christmas, I was having a tough time finding chances to go running. Campbell was waking up at the wrong time in the early mornings for me to go, and later in the morning, after I took the girls to school, wasn't working either. I managed to get one run in during Christmas break. My dad and I hit the trail one of the days he was here, and I struggled through three miles. After that, I messed my neck up pretty badly and threw my back out and had a 36-hour migraine. It's just been one thing after another preventing me from running.

Yesterday I was so desperate to do something aerobic that I put Campbell in his regular stroller and went for a two mile walk. I'm embarassed to admit that I was sore afterwards.

Then this morning the paper had an article that was like salt on my wounds - it was about a 37-year-old mother of four who is taking the Austin running scene by storm. She's hoping to qualify for the US Olympic Marathon trials later this spring. Right now, she's running at least 40 miles a week.

As I read the article I kept wondering what the hell my problem is - I only have three kids, and I can't even manage 5 miles a week. Of course, she goes to a gym and runs on a treadmill while her kids are in the gym daycare, and she hires a babysitter to watch the kids while she runs. Those are things I don't do, but I still don't have much of an excuse.

So it's time to dust off the babyjogger and put on the new seat and air up the tires. The girls will be back in school starting tomorrow, and Campbell and I will start running together. He's big and "sturdy" enough (as Liz put it) to ride in the jogger. I don't like the idea of getting back in shape while pushing the thing, but I don't have much choice at this point.


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