Thursday, January 04, 2007

Campbell's first bites

God I love technology. When Ella was born, we took 35mm pictures, took the film to a one-hour processing place and then overnighted the pictures to my parents. Ella was 48 hours old before they saw pictures of her. With Lily, we took digital pictures, and Brandon e-mailed them that night from home. She was 6 hours old when people saw pictures. When Campbell was born, Brandon took little 20-second clips at the hospital while I was still in surgery and e-mailed them to my parents. The clips were waiting in their inbox before I even called to say they had a grandson. Now, I can post video clips of the kids for family and friends to see. Way cool.

We had a grand time feeding Campbell his first cereal. I'm not sure he even realized he was eating anything - he was very distracted by Ella and Lily, who thought the whole proceeding was hysterical. He had one sister on each side cheering him on. You can hear them laughing through the whole thing. I'm not sure he actually ate any cereal, but at least he didn't reject it. We'll give it another try tomorrow. My hope is that if I give him cereal in the evenings, he'll sleep longer at night. I need more than four hours in a row at night to function.

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