Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It was all going so well

It's amazing how one bad hour can ruin an otherwise good day. It really had been a good day. I took Ella to school this morning after she missed yesterday due to illness. Lily puttered around the house until time for her beloved "ballelet" class. Campbell slept or played the whole time we were there, which allowed me to listen to "Wait, wait, don't tell me" on my iPod and visit with Liz. I decided to risk a trip to Ikea, and it went really well. Lily was perfect and Campbell slept or looked around the whole time. I found a rug for his room, a new bedspread for my room, area rugs for the kitchen, and a tent for the girls' room. It was a great trip. The afternoon went well, too. I made cookies while Campbell played and the girls pretended to rescue each other.

Then Brandon called to say he would be late again tonight. He and his dad moved offices this past weekend, and they're still trying to get all set up. Plus, Brandon has to finish his continuing education hours by midnight or he loses his real estate license. He's been burning the midnight oil all week. Ordinarily, dinner and bedtime without him here aren't a big deal. But tonight it was. The girls didn't want to sit still and eat. Campbell started screaming just as I was putting dinner on the table, so I had to feed him and then eat my cold dinner. After dinner the girls messed around instead of getting ready for bed, so no one got stories. Then Lily pitched a fit over the cup of water I gave her and screamed so much that I moved her to my room so she wouldn't wake Campbell up. Ella did her eye roll when I told her it was time for sleep.

It was just bad. I lost it with both girls and issued dire threats. I was really grumpy when Brandon stopped in to pick up software before heading back to the office. I didn't even have the energy to do any more work than was absolutely necessary.

So now I'm exhausted and feeling very sorry for myself. I need a break from these kids! The only time I've gotten away in the past month is while I run, and I haven't done much of that.

The Keller Williams annual convention is in Vegas next month. I'm trying to convince Brandon that we should leave the girls here and go. I'm so desperate to get away that I don't mind going to Vegas with Campbell in tow. I can park him next to me at the pool or put him in the stroller as I wander around. Brandon's not on board yet, but I'll keep working on him.

Time to end my little pity party and go to bed.

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