Sunday, February 14, 2010

Texas girls visit the snow

B and the big girls are in Washington, DC right now. They flew in on Thursday, managing to miss all the snow-related travel problems until they got to the airport in DC and had to take a cab to the hotel because the Metro was shut down.

They're there for USA Climbing Nationals, for which Ella qualified a few weeks ago. She climbed yesterday and placed 26th out of 30 climbers in the 11 and under division. B said she climbed very well, but that she was too short to reach a lot of the holds. But she kept on trying, even after taking a few falls. Ella was a bit disappointed after she climbed, but as soon as B said she could play in the snow, she perked right up.

The snow is definitely the high point of their trip. They've never seen anything other than a light dusting. So to go someplace where the accumulation is being measured in feet, is a dream come true for them. The first night they were there, B called me while he was standing outside with them. I could hear the shrieks of joy in the background as they pelted each other, and daddy, with snow balls.

B tried to talk them into going to the Air and Space Museum Friday afternoon, but all they wanted to do was sled down a hill by the hotel over and over and over and over again. Once they were soaked to the skin, B dragged them inside for a warm shower to thaw out, only to have them beg to go back out again.

Today the girls have agreed to go to museums, but only because B promised them that they'd be at the National Mall with its miles of snow.

They get home Tuesday, and there is more snow forecast for tomorrow. They may get a chance to see what a real snow storm looks like, rather than the little flurries we get here.

Even though Ella didn't get to advance to the next round in climbing, she and Lily have had a trip to remember. I can't wait to hear all about it.


Elliott said...

That's an experience to be had, and one they'll treasure. In college, I had friends, native Texans, who'd never left the state in 19 years and definitely never seen snow.

Ann in NJ said...

How wonderful for them! Did they even have boots? My nephews and niece from Alabama were here for Christmas and we were scrambling for snow boots and pants to fit everyone. But they loved the snow - until they got cold.

And I'm glad they missed the worst of it - DC got hammered twice.

Cookie said...

How exciting! My parents live a few minutes outside of DC. Gotta love the snow!

shrink on the couch said...

Oh, definately sledding over museums. No question. My kids would kill to get a chance at several inches of snow, let alone the feet of snow that DC got. Truly, a huge disadvantage TO MY KIDS of living down here in tropical Texas - no snow. I don't miss it one bit. But I miss it for my kids sake.

calicobebop said...

Now that - that is awesomeness. Glad he got a video of the "event!" Hope the snow we're supposed to get today doesn't hamper the trip home!