Friday, February 19, 2010

B*tox report

It's been two weeks since I had my B*tox injections, and they seemed to have worked. There have been two days when I could tell I was having a migraine - I had the weird visual disturbances, nausea, tingling in the back of my neck - but I couldn't feel the usual migraine pain. I was able to get past yucky side effects by taking some advil and drinking half a Coke.


As for the visible signs that I've had B*tox - you can't tell unless you know where to look. I can't furrow my brow anymore, which means I can't give the kids my patented stern look. B laughs at me every time catches me trying. Apparently I make a funny scrunched up face when I do it.

I know I said I'd do before-and-after pictures, but I just can't bear to put my goofy face out there for public ridicule.

My doctor said the effects of the injections should last for about three months, which means I'll be ready for another set right before the summer. The miserably hot weather here always makes my migraines more frequent and more severe, so the possibility of spending a summer without pain makes me not dread the coming months quite as much.

I'll just need to remind myself of the benefits of the injections while I'm lying there waiting to have the needles jabbed in my head again.


calicobebop said...

Sounds like it's worth it though! Sorry about the needles - too bad they can't do it a different way!

Baino said...

How awesome is that? Who'd have thunk it. I guess some jabbing pain once every three months is worth not suffering it every week!

Amy said...

Hallelujah, indeed!! (And stop already with the "goofy face" bit. What are we, a superficial bunch just waiting to ridicule ya??)

Cathy said...

that's fantastic--i had no idea botox helped with migraines! plus the diminishing wrinkles is a major plus!

ckh said...