Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One Day Too Many

This weekend I had my first post published over at Deep South Moms Blog. It's all about how being left at home for six days with two kids is so easy compared to life with four kids. And really, just having Campbell and Elizabeth at home has been much easier.

They don't seem to make the same level of mess that the big girls do, and they're content to play with blocks and trains rather than drag out every piece of arts and crafts supplies we own. I did laundry for the three of us Saturday afternoon, and I had it all washed, folded and put away within two hours. Amazing. I even managed to host our 4th Annual Marathon Watching Party on Sunday AND have the house completely cleaned up afterwards without a hitch.

Just when I was feeling pretty pleased with myself and how I was managing, karma bit me on the butt.

Elizabeth woke up Saturday night with a fever of 101.8. I gave her some motrin and she went back to sleep and slept all night without a problem. She was fine all morning on Sunday during the marathon party, even taking a two-hour nap despite the noise and commotion. But then Sunday afternoon, the wheels came off. Her fever returned, and when she wasn't sleeping, she was in my lap whimpering. Sunday night was awful - she slept in 45-minute increments, waking up just enough to whimper in her crib until I patted her.

I took her to the doctor yesterday morning, and he diagnosed a respiratory virus, which means there's nothing we can do to treat it but push fluids, use a humidifier and give her motrin when her fever spikes. I had hope she'd take a long morning nap after the doctor's appointment so that I could sleep too. But no such luck. She only slept for 45 minutes and then spent the rest of the day wanting me to hold her. I so desperately needed back-up yesterday afternoon. If B had been home, I could have taken a nap and left him to deal with the sick baby.

B and the girls get home late this afternoon. And while I'm dreading the mountain of laundry, noise and commotion they'll be bringing with them, I can't wait to have another adult in the house.

Plus, I've missed them all.


Unknown said...

poor baby! and poor mommy!

calicobebop said...

I agree with Becca! That is no way to spend a "break!" Poor little thing, sick babies make me feel so helpless. I hope you and she get the rest you need!

Shelly said...

It never fails! Hope she, and you, get back to normal soon!

Amy said...

I love "karma bit me on the butt" -- that's so perfect. I also love that you hosted your marathon-watching party... solo no less, since the marathon waits for no one!!

Cookie said...

Poor baby. It breaks my heart when kids get sick :(

joanna said...

I've been the one in our house getting the virus. Twice this month! I hope E had a better day.