Friday, February 05, 2010

Holy Hell! That hurt

This morning I went for my long awaited Botox injections. I had been wavering in my decision over the past few months, but then I suffered through several weeks where I had a pretty much continuous migraine for days on end. So I sucked it up and called the doctor's office. And then I called them again, and again, and again, because they'd never call me back. Finally they scheduled me for today.

Wendi Aarons went with me for moral support - or out of pure curiosity, I'm not sure which - and I was glad she was there. I was so anxious ahead of time that it was good to have someone to chat with. Plus, she kept Elizabeth busy with her iPhone while I was talking to the doctor.

Bottom line, the injections HURT, like the doctor was sticking a knife in my forehead. Fortunately, I only had to have four injections. If I had needed more, I might have gotten off the table and walked out. The severe pain was short-lived, but my forehead does still sting where the doctor did the injections.

The doctor said that I probably won't see much in terms of a Nicole Kidman-esque forehead because of where she did the injections, which is a relief. I don't want to look frozen.

I've taken a bunch of before pictures, and I'll post them along with some after shots as soon as the red lumps on my forehead go away.

The best part of my morning, though, was getting to have coffee afterwards with Wendi and Jennifer of These Are Days.


Becca said...

oh they better work!!!!!

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

I hope they erase the migraines most of all. If they also erase a line or two, that's a bonus!

Mouthy Housewife said...

Botox always looks so much more fun on RHOC. But I hope it helps!

Mouthy Housewife said...

(That last one was from me, Miss Elizabeth's entertainer.)

Anonymous said...

It was so great meeting you, too! Let's do it again soon. I am so so so curious to see if the injections work; keep us posted.

Cookie said...

Oh, I'm curious about this too. I had an awful migraine this week. (Another reason why my blogging was slow this week). Hope it works!

O'Pine said...

Has anyone confused you for Ella yet?