Saturday, May 23, 2009

Who would stoop so low?

This morning our across the street neighbor called with bad news. He saw a truck pull up in front of our house and the driver hop out and snatch up Campbell's beloved tricycle, which was half on the sidewalk, half on the grass behind a bush by the curb, and toss it in the back of the truck before pulling away.

Our neighbor said it happened so fast that by the time he realized what had happened, the truck was gone.

We have lots of people who cruise our neighborhood looking for items that have been left out by the curb for people to take. And lots of neighbors send out messages on the listserv alerting people to items that are free for the taking, so I really shouldn't be too surprised that someone grabbed the lonely tricycle.

But still - it was halfway in the bushes and obviously NOT on the curb for the taking. Who would stoop so low as to steal a tricycle? Our neighbor said the driver looked around guiltily when he took the trike, like he knew he was stealing it.

I sent out a message on the listserv asking the driver of a green truck to bring back the trike, but no response so far. Nor do I expect one.

I'm ticked at myself for leaving the bike out yesterday after Campbell had finished riding it. And I'm a little sad. Santa gave that tricycle to Ella when she was 2, and all the kids have ridden it. I was looking forward to Elizabeth's riding it, too.

But now we'll get Campbell a little two-wheeler, and he'll forget he ever had a little red tricycle, but I won't.

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*Akilah Sakai* said...

So sorry to hear about that, especially because you've kept it around for sentimental reasons. Keeping my fingers crossed you get a good message back, but if the driver looked around to see if he was being watched, it really does sound sorta fishy.