Monday, May 25, 2009

Dancing Lily

For three years Lily has taken "creative movement" classes at Ballet Austin. They are absolutely her favorite part of the week. When she first started taking the classes, she'd wake up every morning and ask me, "Is I going to ballelet today?" She can now pronounce ballet correctly, but she still loves class just as much.
Instead of never-ending recitals where family members have to sit for hours on end watching class after class of dancers, Ballet Austin has Parent Watching Day when parents and siblings and grandparents, etc. can sit in on class and see what the kids have been up to. I love going to the classes just so I can watch the joy on Lily's face as she twirls around the room.
In the fall, Lily will start in pre-ballet, which is much more structured than the creative movement classes, and I'm a bit worried about how Lily will adjust to the new format and having to practice at the bar. I'm hopeful that she will love going to class just as much as she does now.


anymommy said...

Oh, she looks so cute. My daughter just finished a pre-ballet class and she adored it. It's the pink, i'm-a-princess thing, I swear.

donna said...

She really has the joy written all over her face. How lovely to have found something she enjoys so much. :-)

Cathy said...

my nieces are doing dance--it's so fun. I remember doing ballet when I was 9/10--I loved the structure of it.