Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Lists

My sister wrote about our strange family tradition of hanging our letters to Santa outside on Thanksgiving weekend for the elves to pick up, and it reminded me that I needed to get the girls going on their lists. We're lucky in that the girls have yet to figure out that they're supposed to get lots of loot for Christmas. In past years, they've each gotten two or three presents from us and a few presents from Santa, plus some easy stocking stuffers like tape, which is usually their favorite gift each year.

They just brought me their Christmas lists, and they're very funny.

Here's Ella's

Harry Potter CD
Pogo Stick
Nancy Drew costume
Nancy Drew books
Harry Potter clue game
Math for Smarty Pants book
The Dangerous Book for Boys

I love that she mostly wants books for Christmas - not video games or Hannah Ray Cyrus clothing or movies.

Here's Lily's list; it's a bit more varied

Dorothy shoes
Belle costume
Christmas dress
Two-wheeled scooter
Toy computer
Remote-controlled car

Santa will pick two or three items from each list and be done with it. I've already got some presents stashed away. I think I'll be doing most of shopping online this year to avoid having to drag the baby to the store.

Tonight we'll hang these lists out for Santa's elves along with a piece of bread - in case the elves are hungry.


Keeffer said...

If you tell me what size lily's feet are I will get her dorothy shoes. It's one of my childhood persecution stories that I never had ruby slippers.

Unless we aren't allowed to get them stuff off their santa lists.

bernthis said...

the tough part for me is I am Jewish and my ex is not and she gets a lot of presents b/c we obviously celebrate separately. I've already warned him to tone it down but alas he won't listen which is one of the myriad of reasons we are no longer together.

Indy said...

Great idea to write down their lists. Years later, you will love having this written down. I need to get my kids going on their list too!

Cathy said...

That's a great tradition!