Saturday, November 15, 2008

Seven Random Things

I was tagged by Cathy at the Clothesline to d a list of 7 random things about myself. I've been pondering this list for a few days now, and it's harder to come up with 7 things than I thought it would be.

1. If our bed doesn't get made in the morning, I have to make it before I can get in at night. There's just something about getting into nice crisp covers.

2. Like a toddler, I tend to eat one food at a time during meals. I can't start on the next food until I've finished the first. It takes a conscious effort for me to not eat that way.

3. We only have one television in the house, and it's a 19 incher that we bought at Target 9 years ago. However, we have four computers, none of which are for the kids to use.

4. I've lived in Austin longer than I've ever lived anywhere else in my life.

5. I secretly covet my daughter's American Girl Doll, and if we had the spare money, I'd be really tempted to buy lots of the accessories.

6. Speaking of dolls, I have a HUGE dollhouse in storage at my parents' house in Atlanta that I'd love to have here, but we don't have the room for it. It's woefully underfurnished, and I can't wait to have space to have it here and to buy furniture for it.

7. I just watched Casino Royale, and now I'm totally in love with Daniel Craig.

I hate having to think of people to tag, so I'll just say that anyone who wants to play along should leave a comment. But knittergran, I think you should do this, just because I'd love to see what you list.

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Cathy said...

Great list--thanks for playing! I just read the latest Bond movie isn't that great, but still worth watching for Craig!