Thursday, November 27, 2008

Follow me!

So I've taken my little adsense widgets off the side column because in the 18 months I've had them there, I've earned a whopping $38. Google ads only sends a check when you reach $100, and at the rate I'm going, Elizabeth will be in kindergarten before I see a check.

In place of the ads I've installed this little Following widget. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but blogger keeps telling me I should have it. And since I tend to follow directions, I signed up. It's over there on the left, below the NaBloPoMo image - only three more posts to go, thank the baby jeebus. If you click on the links, blogger will tell you how to get all signed up.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Tomorrow I'll do my post of thanks. I'm too tired and stuffed with pecan pie to write anything that would do justice to all the the things I'm thankful for.

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