Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Teaching civics at an early age

Because Elizabeth arrived prematurely, I didn't have to do early voting. I was able to continue my streak of voting on Election Day. I lugged Elizabeth along with me, hoping against hope that I wouldn't have to stand in line for hours with a newborn, but I was prepared for it.

Fortunately, the line was small and fast moving. I was able to walk right in and vote. The election workers all oohed and aahed over Elizabeth. Even if she won't remember it, she can claim to have been going to vote since she was a month old.

I was just happy to finally be casting my vote. This election cycle has been so long and so nasty that it will be nice just to have it over with. I also left the polling place feeling hopeful about the outcome of the election. It's been a long eight years since I've felt that way about an election. I just hope that my optimism isn't mistaken.

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knittergran said...

What a wonderful outcome!
I woke up with a smile this morning.
And the picture of Elizabeth in the previous post is the sweeeeetest ever!