Saturday, November 08, 2008

The closet baby

Even though we live in a fairly small house, we have a ginormous closet off the master bathroom. It's bigger than my bedroom in my first college apartment - my roommate will vouch for me on that. This is one half.
And this is the other half. Notice the baby in the cradle? That's where Elizabeth sleeps these days. The other day a grown-up asked Lily where Elizabeth slept, and I winced knowing what her answer would be - "In the closet." And as always happens, the adult looked at me for confirmation.

Lily is actually the original closet baby. She was a noisy sleeper and would wake me up dozens of times a night. I'd think she was wanting to eat, but really she was just scooting around and making noise. So we moved the cradle into the closet, which turned out to be the perfect place.

Elizabeth has turned out to be even noisier than Lily ever was, so after two weeks in our bedroom, she's been moved to the closet to sleep. It's through our bathroom, which means it's far enough that we don't hear every little squeak or grunt, but it's close enough that I can hear her when she's really awake and ready to eat.

Lily was the closet baby for about three months - she outgrew the cradle. I'm guessing that Elizabeth will be in the closet for at least that long. She's so teeny that she'll fit in the cradle for a long, long time.


Jolly Roger said...

Oooh - jealous over the closet! (not the new baby - pics are GREAT for me!).

My last house - we had a 20' by 10' closet. I miss it SO much!

FishyGirl said...

Wow, that's quite a closet. I think there's nothing wrong with the baby sleeping there - it's just an efficient use of space to me. And whatever lets everyone get the most sleep is the best thing ever. I am jealous, as we are not sleeping over here. Damn growth and developmental spurts.