Friday, November 28, 2008

Such a good Thanksgiving

For the first time in four years we didn't host Thanksgiving, and it was lovely. We lolled around in our jammies until noon; the kids all took rest time/nap; we only had to make a ham and a pecan pie.

B's cousin and his wife, otherwise known as Uncle T and Aunt A to the kids, invited us to their house for Thanksgiving, along with B's parents, who are divorced. It can be a wee bit uncomfortable to have them in the same room together, like they are at our house during the holidays. But with almost 30 people at dinner, the level of discomfort was greatly reduced.

Aunt A went above and beyond with the meal. She had tables for 30 set up, with flowers and centerpieces and linens on all. She spent the whole week cooking in preparation, and the food was amazing. I went back for seconds on everything except sweet potatoes - because ewww.

B's other cousin was there with her family, and the girls were beyond thrilled to have cousins to play with. They learned the basics of touch football, and Ella upset her 7-year-old boy cousin by being able to outrun him.

We hung out long after the meal, visiting with B's dad's side of the family, whom we don't get to see very often. I found out that B's girl cousin has her own jewelry company - Bright Eyed Designs. I think I'll be ordering some Christmas presents from her this year.

While enjoying the good food and good company, I did take time to think about all the things for which I am grateful:

  • Elizabeth - After a shaky start, Elizabeth is positively thriving. She's eating and sleeping like a champ, and if you watch her for long enough, you can see her grow.
  • Ella, Lily and Campbell - I have three happy, healthy kids who make me laugh, when they're not making me tear my hair out in frustration.
  • B - I feel so lucky to have found him. Things aren't always perfect, but there's no one I'd rather be married to.
  • My family - I have wonderful, helpful, supportive parents and a cool sister who help keep me sane. I just wish they lived closer.
  • Our friends - We've built a network of good friends here who are a large part of why we love our life here. It really does take a village to raise a family, and we've found ours.
  • My work - Given the current job market, I'm glad I've been able to maintain my little freelance career. It's just enough work to let me focus on something other than kids for a few hours a day, which helps me maintain my sanity.
  • No Thanksgiving ER visit - Unlike last year, no one was injured.
  • Uncle T and Aunt A - They're really cool people whom we love, AND they hosted Thanksgiving, which gives them double points.

Happy Love Thursday, a day late. I hope you all had a good day with your loved ones.

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Anonymous said...

We were so glad yall came and we really enjoyed it too!!

You have to send me the picture of me and Campbell on the couch.

Uncle T