Thursday, July 19, 2007

Spoil sports

As of today, and until I finish the new Harry Potter book, I'm taking a break from the Internet. There are some spoil sports out there who have supposedly posted the entire new book online. Obviously I'm not going to visit any of those sites. Waiting for the new book to come out, standing at the front window waiting for the mailman to deliver my copy is all part of the fun. The people who have posted the book are ruining the whole spirit of the process.

But it's not those sites that worry me. I'm more concerned that one of the news sites I read - or and the like - will accidentally spoil it. I could just see them saying something like, "According to the book posted on such-and-such site, So-and-so dies. But this site says something different." I don't want to stumble on a spoiler like that.

This Internet break will be hard, for sure. I've developed a new addiction - reading blogs. For the past two years I've had a small handful of blogs I've read on a regular basis, but in the past few weeks, the handful has exploded. I can't even count how many work hours I've wasted wandering through the ether reading postings of random writers all over the country. Plus, I've sucked other people into the abyss with me. I've sent links to my mom, who retaliates by sending me other links. I've sent links to my neighbor, which is dangerous given her eBay problem a while back.

But now I'm going cold turkey. No more Internet until Monday. I'll limit myself to computer Scrabble if I need something to do instead of working.

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