Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Order of the Pheonix

**Spoiler Alert** Don't read this if you haven't yet seen the movie. It gives away some details.

When I compared notes on the new HP movie with my good friend O'Pine, he said that he had left the theater thrilled with the movie but then started thinking about things he would have liked to have seen in it. I've had the very same experience. Last night when I wrote my birthday post, I was still just gushing about the movie. But then I started thinking about what I would have like to seen included or changed.

I would have loved for St. Mungo's to have been included, just to see what the director thought it looked like. That part of the book is so rich in detail that it would have been neat to see on screen. I think the director should have also kept the subplot about Rita Skeeter publishing Harry's story in the paper, if for no other reason than to have Rita back again. However, I didn't mind that they cut out all the Quidditch scenes. They're fun, but they don't really move the story along. The other change that really bothered me was that they made Cho the one who gave away the secret about Dumbledore's Army. I know they exonerated her in the end, but I still didn't think that was right. I guess they didn't want to introduce yet another character.

But those few things aside, I still think it's the best film of the group. I'm already trying to figure out when I can see it again. Maybe I'll spring for the IMAX 3D version for my second viewing!

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