Friday, December 15, 2006

Working mother

So, I think I've just accepted a job. I gave the editor a strong tentative yes. She's pulling together the financial aspects and writing contracts.

I'd be a freelance project manager on a huge multi-media grammar component that is being marketed to schools to help teachers teach grammar to students who are struggling with it. In many cases, these students are not native English speakers.

As project manager, I'd be assigning components to other freelancers, keeping track of all the pieces, reviewing work submitted, etc. I'd still be working from home, and it would still just be part-time.

I'm very flattered that they asked me. They have a whole stable of freelancers there, and it seems like I'm the first one they approached to take this on. I worked on one large component of the project, and when I submitted my final version I asked the project manager if there was any more work coming down the pike. Next thing I know, I get this offer. The editor who offered it told me that they wanted to catch me quickly, before I looked elsewhere for work.

I wouldn't start work until after the holidays, which is a good thing. And they're aware that there will be a period when I'm still feeling my way and figuring out what I'm doing. I'm glad they're not expecting me to jump in and have a handle on everything right away.

The only question I have is whether I'll be able to balance this part-time job along with my full-time job of husband, three kids, house and volunteer work. It could be tricky. One thing I'll do, though, is keep the cleaning lady. I was getting ready to cut her back to every other week. But if I accpet this, she's coming once a week for sure. Brandon said I could even hire her to do the laundry for me!

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t. Cooke said...

You're nuts, but I'm excited for you. I hope it's a great experience, Heather.