Thursday, December 28, 2006

Now what?

Christmas is over, the presents have all been put away, the relatives have all gone home, and the girls still have two weeks left in Christmas break. Now what do we do?

My parents left this morning, and the girls and I looked at each other in puzzlement. It's the first morning in a week that we haven't had a planned activity or house guests here to keep us busy. We didn't know what to do with ourselves. I gave in and turned on some cartoons for a while to give myself a break from pestering. Then we ended up outside to play with friends for an hour, which was a life-saver.

Now comes the tricky part - just what do we do for the next two weeks so that we don't go insane. Having a baby to tote along makes things harder. Loading three kids into the car can sometimes send me into a panicked frenzy, as my parents witnessed yesterday. I'd get two kids ready and the third would refuse to cooperate. I guess we'll invite lots of friends over to visit. It's easier sometimes to bring the fun here.

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