Saturday, December 16, 2006

Working Mother, Part II

I've accpeted the job. It turned out to not be as time-intensive or as lucrative as I thought it would be. But I negotiated an extra $1100 out of the editor, and the schedule will allow me to take on other projects if I feel like it. Also, they'll pay me in installments through the year, so I won't have to wait until next December, the final due date, to get my money.

While I'm a bit disappointed in the pay, I am viewing this as a good opportunity. With any luck it will lead to further projects with this editorial group, which would be a good thing. I like the lead editor in the group and wouldn't mind working with her more in the future.

It's also a bit of a relief to hear that the work won't consume as much of my time as I thought. I like having mornings where I don't have to rush back the house and go straight to the computer. There are days when I want to go have coffee with friends or run errands or get a pedicure without feeling guilty for not working. And then there are the times when I just want to sit on the sofa with Campbell asleep in my lap and enjoy watching my little boy.

Even though I won't be working as much or earning as much as I thought, I'm still keeping the cleaning lady! I just won't hire her to do the laundry.

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