Sunday, December 17, 2006

Race Report

Three months to the day after Campbell was born, I ran my first post-baby race. I'd like to say I raced it, but I didn't. My goal was just to finish the 5K, which I did, just barely. It's the farthest I've run since the Daisy 5K on Mother's Day. I think I ran that race faster, despite being 5 months' pregnant. Right after that race I started having really bad ligament pain, so I switched to walking. Then a month after that, I went on partial bed rest and couldn't even walk. So I really went months and months without doing anything, let alone running. I guess I should be glad I was at least able to run today.

The best part of the day was running the kids' K with Ella. At the Mother's Day race, I ran with Lily while Ella ran by herself. This time Brandon ran with Lily so that I could run with Ella. We held hands for most of the race, and she finished with a huge grin on her face as we came through the cheering crowds. I finished with tears in my eyes - I was so proud of her and so happy to be out running with my girl. I've looked forward to doing that since she was born. Lily and Brandon finished a few minutes after us. Brandon said Lily loved every minute of the crowd cheering for her.

I hope to have many more great runs with them and Campbell.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first race post-baby! It makes me smile thinking about you and Brandon running with the girls. I look forward to the day when I can cross the finish line side-by-side with my boy.

For your running comeback, you definitely have to consider how much time you were "laid off" from running during pregnancy. That plays a big part in how you come back to running, and you are doing great!