Friday, March 05, 2010

Where did we go wrong?

Growing up, my sister and I never played in our parents' bedroom. It was off limits to us, not so much because we were forbidden to go in, but more because we were never invited to play in there.

Somewhere along the line with my kids, I've gone wrong. I don't remember giving my kids permission to play in my room, but they seem to have taken it over completely. My bedside table is stacked with their books, and the floor is littered with toys of various kinds. If I don't do a quick clean-up before bed, I'm in danger of injuring my feet on legos and Little People if I get up in the middle of the night.

Sunday morning, I stripped all the sheets off my bed, put them in the wash, and grabbed clean sheets from the closet. In that amount of time, this collection appeared on my bed.

I don't know how Lily and Campbell managed to set these critters up so quickly, but there they were. And when I asked the kids to move the menagerie so that I could put sheets on the bed, they told me I had to wait because they were going to the moon to have a party. Lily was already dressed in a party ensemble, complete with lacy socks and dressy shoes. Campbell was in underpants and a t-shirt. They have very different ideas of what constitutes formal attire.

So I let them have their "Moon Party" and waited until later to put sheets on the bed.


Janice Ellen Wright said...

Oh, does this crack me up. I'd have done the same thing.

And my husband and I ask ourselves that same question All.The.Time.

For me it's my computer -- DuckyBoy would rather be on mine than his, even though we've have Hooked! Him! Up! with his own desk and a giant keyboard right next to mine, he'd rather sit at my mess. Maybe it feels more like he's nested in...

Holly said...

Oh cute!

Kids. We have a playroom, but they insist on playing everywhere but the playroom. I'm constantly finding random toys under my bed.

I've been thinking of purchasing a lock to go at the top of the door. It would be so nice to have on kid-free room!

Keeffer said...

i remember one specific time from my youth when mom and dad had a party and they rolled the TV cart in to their room and it was a treat to get to watch TV in there lying on the big bed. play in there, NEVER!

Liz McGuire said...

Awesome! Maybe Campbell thought it was the other kind of "mooning." If so, he was ready!

Suna said...

I'm running late reading, but must say this was very cute. I know you are enjoying your kids, but keep doing it--this stuff is so precious!