Friday, March 26, 2010

28 hours away

This afternoon, Ella and I are heading out for a road trip to Houston, where she has a climbing competition tomorrow. Usually B takes her to comps and leaves me at home with the littles, but this time, it's my turn. And I'm thrilled.

I desperately need some time away, and even though I'll have Ella with me, this counts as a break. We're spending the night at a good hotel, and we don't need to be at the gym until 11:30 in morning. That means I'll get to sleep until I wake up instead of being woken up at the crack of dawn by Elizabeth. And tonight I'll be able to lie in bed and watch TV without worrying about dishes or laundry or messes. It should be divine.

We've been having some pre-tween issues with Ella lately - she has mastered the art of rolling her eyes so hard that we can hear it - but she is so thrilled about this trip that I think she'll be on her best behavior. It will be some good bonding time. Lily is a bit jealous, but B has promised her a movie night where she gets to pick whatever movie she wants and eat popcorn until she is stuffed.

Someone asked whether B's mom would be helping him while I was gone, and I said that I had no idea. Not only do I not know what plans he's made, I don't want to know. Worrying about what's going on at home will only ruin the fun of being gone, so I've vowed not to do it at all.

So I'm packing my knitting and a book for the hours I'll spend at the climbing gym waiting for Ella to compete, and I'm packing Ella's flashy pants and lucky socks. As soon as she gets home from school, we're hitting the road!

Look out, Houston. Here we come.


Elliott said...

Oooh, I know that eye roll. Our youngest was especially good at it, and it only got 'louder' as she entered the teen years.

Enjoy your 'leisure' time!

Shelly said...

So excited for you! I love Houston! Maybe you can do some shopping while you are there. Have a great time!

Donna said...

Yay...enjoy every minute of your mini vacay.

Ann in NJ said...

I wouldn't worry about Ella. I often find that a kid I'm having trouble with is magically on their best behavior - when we're one on one without siblings around. Have fun and enjoy yourself. I think I'm a little jealous, as I'm facing spring break with 3 kids and (mostly) no husband. Sort of the opposite of your weekend.

Baino said...

Sounds wonderful. In more lucrative times, I'd take both kids for a 'short break' and a nice hotel stay and become tourists in our own town, it was lovely. Good luck to Ella with the comp!

Suna said...

I was an eye roller. I feel awful about it now. Can you believe I have never done anything in Houston other than stay at a hotel on the outskirts and never leave it?? I need to get out more. But no, heading to Yorktown, TX tomorrow. NOTHING is there. Have a ton of fun and enjoy the sites. And good luck to Ella, who will enjoy her one-on-one time, I am sure.