Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I don't think I'll do that again

I've been needing to get my eyebrows de-thatched for a while, and last night I had the chance. I was able to leave Elizabeth at home with B while I took Ella to climbing practice, so I had two free hours to myself.

I headed to the mall where the salon where I normally get my eyebrows done is located. But instead of going to the normal place, I decided to head upstairs to a place that does threading. I've been wanting to try it for a while, and I figured this was my chance.

Holy hell did it hurt. Way more than waxing. And it took longer. Instead of a couple of quick rips with wax and muslin, it was 10 minutes of her pulling my eyebrow hairs out five or ten at a time. It hurt enough that I considered walking out before the lady could start in on my second brow.

When I complained to my sister about how much it hurt, she said that it gets easier if you do regular upkeep because there's not as much hair to rip out.

I think I'll pass. I have a high tolerance for pain, but I'm not willing to put myself through that much of it for the sake of vanity.

Bring on the wax.


Becca said...

oweeeeeee. I do my own with Nad's. then I can control the pain

Donna said...

Oh man. I got my eyebrows waxed by a new girl and that turned out to be a VERY bad idea. Usually I get it done by the same gal that cuts my hair but for whatever reason I decided to try someone new. Anyway...she actually ripped the top layer of skin off my eyelids...OUCH...really! I could hardly blink. And somewhere in my suffering my hubby and kids found something very amusing in it all. No sympathy at all. So the moral....stick with what you know that works. Hope you are recovered from your ordeal :-)

Ann in NJ said...

I find regular waxing painful, so I can't even imagine! And I'll admit I rarely bother, since the first time I had it done - nobody noticed. Not even the redness.

Keeffer said...


threading barely hurts at all. maybe it's just because my eyebrows aren't as bad as yours are (ha ha.)

Jami said...

I have the opposite reaction. Waxing rips me up and hurts like hell. Threading is almost painless and very easy.

ckh said...

I couldn't care less what my eyebrows look like. I'm just mortified by the new hairs around the chin. Have I turned into a man?!

How was Houston?

Amy said...

I did a threading once on a whim (walked by the booth at the mall), because I really hate my eyebrows -- tons of fine hairs that don't amount to much. The thickest ones are the ones I've tweezed for years of course.

It wasn't the ouch factor that got me -- it was the redness, for DAYS. And that she took half of it off above the brow. That's a no-no, right? Everyone knows that.

I'd like to find someone who wouldn't be quite so... enthusiastic.