Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's in my bag

Calicobebop tagged me yesterday. I'm supposed to describe my purse and what's in it. The problem is that I don't really carry a purse. I've never been a purse person - I just found out last year that some people change their purses according to the season. Go figure.

I do own a purse; it's tiny and black, tiny enough that my wallet doesn't fit into it. I stash my debit card, library card, and Costco card in one inside pocket and a handful of business cards in the other. My cell phone and iPod are in the middle. However, this purse rarely leaves my car.

Given that I have four kids, two of whom are in diapers, I always have my favorite diaper bag in tow. It's by a brand called Diaper Dudes, and it's made for men. I love it because it looks like a messenger bag, and I can sling it across me. It has a clip on the outside for my keys and a pocket for my cell phone. And apparently it's the same kind that Brad Pitt carries for his gaggle of kids.

If I'm lucky enough to leave the house without kids (ha!), I usually stick my debit card and phone in my pocket and go. Of course, this means I'm always looking for my cell phone and debit card because I have the bad habit of leaving them in pants pockets and forgetting about them.

So there you go - my purse, or lack thereof.


Cathy said...

that's great--I wish I could go without a purse, but feel naked without it. so i carry this big black bag that's almost the size of a diaper bag, and has too much stuff in it--it's not fashionable at all, just functional. total mom purse. :)

calicobebop said...

Just found out that people change purses according to the seasons! Too funny! I never used to care, but since a handbag and a pair of shoes rarely need my pant size - I've come to love them!

Ann in NJ said...

I've become a backpack person now that I have back issues. And it's getting smaller now that I'm past diaperbag days. But I usually have at least a couple of pens, small notebook, phone, wallet, loyalty cards in a pouch (too many to keep in my wallet!), kleenex, iPod, and whatever the kids gave me to carry that now lives in my purse. It's been known to have rocks in it.