Monday, January 12, 2009

Conversations with Campbell

We are still working on increasing Campbell's vocabulary, and it's going well. He's adding enough words now to ease my worries that he would never talk. The girls have been big helps with this quest, getting him to repeat things after them.

The other night Lily was working on the alphabet with Campbell, and he was doing a good job of saying all of his letters. Since he was in a cooperative mood, I decided to see if he would say his sisters' names.

Me: Campbell, can you say Ella?
C: Ehwah!
Me: Campbell, can you say Lily?
C: Yee-yee! (exactly what Ella called Lily)
Me: Campbell, can you say Elizabeth?
C: BeeBee!

Elizabeth may forever be called BeeBee.


Anonymous said...

Emily is know hereabouts as "Mimi," due to a very similar process.

Anonymous said...

Oh how stinkin' cute!!

Cathy said...

so cute--I used to call my sister, Maria, mazie, and it became her nickname.