Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mother of the Year

Earlier this week, Wendi Aarons posted a hysterical question and answer piece on her blog. When I complimented her on the post, she suggested that I write in to Dear Frannie with a question. I had read Frannie's blog and laughed at the questions, but it hadn't occurred to me to write one of my own. Wendi told me she had submitted two, so I decided to give it a try.

My inspiration was the one white chick on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She always dressed like a cheap hooker with a bad wig. In one interview she said that fashion was very important to her and that she was known for her clothes and that people always pointed and commented on her attire when she was at the store. I couldn't help but think that the people weren't pointing and commenting because they were impressed with how she looked.

So I drafted a question and sent it in. Last night, I got an e-mail from Frannie letting me know that she had answered my question and hoped that her advice helped. You can read it here.

I sent out an e-mail late last night to a few friends, saying that I had been working on my creative writing and had submitted a piece to a very prestigious site and it had been accepted. Then I included a link and signed myself as "Heather - aka MILF in Midland."

My attempt at a funny e-mail fell completely flat. I got confused responses from just about everyone wondering why I had sent them a link to a woman who didn't know how to dress appropriately. So I had to send a second e-mail clarifying things.


I am taking consolation in the fact that I was able to write something funny enough for Frannie. I'm already drafting my next question for her.


LTYM said...

It was hilarious. And I'm sure the MILF of the world appreciate your help.


calicobebop said...

I read the post - hilarious! I wish I could dress like a skank ho too! That's probably what's been missing in my life - a little less respect for myself. :)

runnerdude said...

I got the humor and laughed!
I must say I was a little surprised at the who the author was.

Unknown said...

ok your freinds obviously need a drink, that was funny!

bernthis said...

OMG- I watched that show like it was a bad train wreck. I loved it when she when to the singing coach and she basically told her she was tone deaf LOLOL

Congrats on having your piece accepted. that is awesome

Anonymous said...

A, that was hysterical. B, thanks for giving me two new funny blogs to add to my already overwhelming list of blogs for which I need to get a damn feed reader. You should have sent it to me. I'da done got it.

Seamus O'Pine said...

Okay, if you haven't already, go to YouTube and search for a clip from the Bonnie Hunt show. Bonnie and Niecy Nash (of Reno 911!) did a sketch about Kim and NeNe from RHoA. Screamingly hilarious. And it's not even that far from the reality of the show.

HOK, you make me giggle.


MadMad said...

Too funny! I've given up trying to convert non-blogger/internetters to my world, though. The other day someone called me to ask me to interpret" WWJD?" I'm like, that's not even an internet thing, hon! And she said, Well, how am I supposed to know that?!