Monday, January 05, 2009

16 Things

Kate tagged me over on Facebook and asked me to write 16 random things about me. I tagged a bunch of folks on FB, so I'm not going to here. If you decided you want to, tag yourself and let me know.

So here I go, in no particular order.
1. I'm left handed and very proud of it. So far all my kids are right handed.

2. I sucked my thumb until I was 8 years old. To this day, when I'm sick or in pain, I put my right thumb up to my mouth without even thinking about it.

3. I currently have 8 pairs of running shoes in my closet. Some of them are more than four years old. I just can't get rid of them even though I never wear them.

4. I graduated from college in three years. I wasn't old enough to go out for a drink to celebrate. Fortunately, my father arrived soon after my last final with a bottle of champagne for me and my roommate.

5. I coached swimming professionally for seven years - four as an age-group coach and graduate assistant coach at the University of Florida, and three as an age-group coach here in Austin.

6. I used to row competitively and teach rowing to children. I also coached a group of novice rowers.

7. Even though my husband is a former national-level diver and diving coach, I've only jumped off the 10-meter platform twice in my life. And I've never jumped off the roof of our boathouse even though Ella has done it lots.

8. I'm not afraid of heights. I just don't like jumping off them.

9. I moved to Austin on a whim after spending a week on vacation here. I walked away from graduate school with only three classes and a master's exam in literature left to go.

10. If I went back to graduate school it would be for something in history, not literature.

11. I have a tattoo of a dolphin on my left ankle. I see myself getting another tattoo some day.

12. I've always wanted red hair.

13. I am painfully shy in person. No one ever believes me when I tell them that because I've worked hard for many years on getting over it. But meeting new people is still tremendously hard.

14. I never, ever thought I'd have four children. I figured I'd have two, max.

15. Given the chance, I'd willingly move back to upstate New York. Maybe not Albany, but somewhere near Lake George or Saratoga. Or Hadley, where my dad's family's farm is.

16. Once, when trapped in a hotel without a book to read, I read the AA handbook that I found in the desk drawer.

There, 16 extremely random things about me. If you'd like to post your own, please tag me back.


donna said...

oh...too funny! I am there with you on # 8...that is why I will never bungy jump. I consider myself a bit of a risk taker but that's just crazy!

Cathy said...

That's awesome--your quite the athlete! I'm super impressed you almost got your master's in lit--getting my ba almost killed me. :)

Karen said...

I am totally with you on number 8 too! This fact made for some pretty long ropes course experiences for me.

Oh and I tagged myself so if you want to know 16 random things about me you can read my post

Anonymous said...

"10. If I went back to graduate school it would be for something in history, not literature."

Me too! Or maybe science.