Friday, January 16, 2009

Surgery Centers

Having spent more time than I care to think about in out-patient surgery centers this past year, I've come to a conclusion: They're depressing places. It doesn't matter how new and high tech they are, they're still depressing.

The place B had surgery yesterday is brand-spanking new; it's been open less than a year. It has comfortable chairs and lots of magazines and nice art work and plants. But it was still grim. Everyone there looked miserable and stressed - and those were the people waiting on loved ones. I won't even go into the people waiting for surgery - except for the one toothless man in the corner, sound asleep, snoring with his mouth open. He didn't even wake up when the nurse called him back for his procedure.

B was told to arrive at 1:30 for his 3:30 procedure. At 3:30 I asked the receptionist if she had any idea how much longer it would be before he was called back and was informed that he was sixth in line for surgery with that doctor, who had arrived more than an hour late. At 4:30 they finally took B back for his procedure - three hours spent waiting for an operation that took 45 minutes.

I was glad that I had my knitting with me. I am now six inches into a sock for B - it's lovely gray Arucania wool. The knitting helped to distract me from the drivel on the TV, which was tuned to FOX news. Blech. Fortunately, the coverage of the plane crash in New York ended the conservative propaganda. But then I had to listen to the two women across from me discuss how unfair the media had been to that poor, poor Sarah Palin. "They just kept focusing on her personal life. I mean who cares what magazines she reads. She's the governor of a big state!" Double blech.

Any way - the surgery went well. B is up and around this morning, pain free so far, but that may be a result of the heavy-duty meds he was given after the procedure. The doctor told us that it make up to a week for the effects of the nerve deadening to kick in, but once it does, it should last for 12 to 18 months. I hope the doctor is right.

So B is perky today - he even volunteered to drive carpool this morning - and I feel like I've been hit by a bus as a result of the stress.


Cathy said...

oh man, i hear you. The health care system is by no means efficient. My parents are going through so much stress trying to get treatment for my dad--when they think they have an appt, it gets cancelled and then they have to start over--it's awful. My mom is knitting to keep her sanity, too! :)

Anonymous said...

I hate hospitals and surgery places and doctors' offices. They all suck. I hope you get a good chance to rest and recover this weekend.

bernthis said...

In your situation b/w The surgery and those two morons, I would have knit an entire outfit out of pure frustration and stress. I'm not saying it would have been wearable, however

bernthis said...

In your shoes, I would have ended up knitting an entire outfit. Not that it would have been wearable (is that even a word?)

bernthis said...

I'm not sure there is anything that can be done that can stop the patients and their families from being sad and stressed. I'm so glad your hubby is doing better