Friday, May 30, 2008

Today's laugh

My friend tcooke sent me a link to this, and I just cracked up. I don't think a "We regret the error" notice in the paper could make up for such an error. Can you imagine this poor woman going to her kids' school and having people who saw the first notice but not the retraction looking at her.

My neighbor has a friend who was recently accused of soliciting. The woman was standing outside the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema downtown talking on the phone while waiting for her movie-going partner when an Alamo staff member came up to her. He asked her if she had been soliciting his patrons. She was so stunned she didn't even know what to say. She finally asked why he would ask her such a thing. His response was that someone had complained about a woman standing out front soliciting men as they went in the theater, and since she was the only woman standing outside, he assumed it was her.

I'm surprised she didn't deck him, right then and there, for such a thing. But I don't have a lot of self control like that.


t. Cooke said...

I'm glad you laughed too. I don't laugh often at things I read, but this was definitely an exception!

WA said...

That is hilarious. And, this being Austin, she was probably wearing cargo pants and Tevas and was still considered a local hooker.